TCAF and more!


I’m happy to say Dendrolagus is going to Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) 12-13th May. I’ve heard so many of my favorite comic artists talk fondly of TCAF so I’m really excited about going there to find some amazing comics and I hope to have time to listen to some talks too. And meet a lot of North American alternative comics lovers! And of course to show them all Dendrolagus! The second issue of the anthology will be released just in time for Stockholm’s International Comics Festival (SIS) a week before TCAF and we’ll be there too of course. So it’s gonna be a busy May. All in the name of good comics!

There’s an open call for submissions to Dendrolagus #2 and the deadline is 11th of March. So if you’re interested in submitting your comics, or know someone who might be, read more on how to do so here!


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